"The sea, once cast its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever." - Jacques Cousteau

Cape Porpoise Trading Co. was started with the intent to create eco-friendly goods that aesthetically evoke positive emotion; similar to the effect Cape Porpoise and the rocky coast of Maine continues to have on us.

Cape Porpoise lobstermen were the first to give us their old lobster rope to make doormats. Now, we connect with lobstermen along the entire coast of Maine & pay them directly for their retired rope. 

Why can't lobstermen use this perfectly good rope? 

Lobster rope aka float rope or pot-warp, was once the primary type of rope lobstermen used at sea to connect their buoys to their lobster traps. A few years back the government banned float rope because of whale entanglement issues, forcing lobstermen to make a switch to a different kind of rope (sink rope). This resulted in an abundance of used float rope that was headed for a landfill. 

We at Cape Porpoise Trading Co. have partnered up with The Maine Lobstermen Association, giving us the ability to connect with lobstermen all along the coast of Maine.


"Recycling a material that contains so much of Maine's history into something that makes you stop & smile, brings us the greatest joy."